Winter wonderland in Melbourne, Australia the sunburnt country 😉

After an extremely long journey to the beautiful sun burnt Australia, I arrived at the ever vibrant Melbourne. You’d think with a reputation for being a hot sunny destination year round, Australia would never experience freezing temperatures. Not so! 2015’s winter has been one of the coldest on record and I happened to be visiting during this time. Not that it tends to bother me, as I’m always grateful to get a break from the scorching sauna desert weather of 45+ degrees back in my current home.

I arrived into Melbourne more than a few hours late. My gorgeous best friend didn’t let this ruin her dinner arrangements, she just changed the location and the venue to one with a later closing time. I had a chance to quickly shower, pick a fabulous winter outfit and freshen up after a long journey from the desert. I was so happy to be back in Melbourne and I was excited it was winter as now I finally had a chance to show off some of my wonderful, new and colourful faux fur winter jackets I snapped up for fabulous bargain prices all around the world.

All rugged up to combat the winter chill, April arrived at my hotel with her dazzling smile, my missing hair straightener and a heavenly new blue flower skirt she gave me as a gift to wear on my traveling adventures of wanderlust around the world. After a few giant hugs, and an exchange of compliments on our equally fab outfits, we exited the hotel to brave Melbourne’s winter weather and head to the restaurant.

We were to have dinner at the famous Stalactites restaurant this night; a popular Greek restaurant open 24 hours a day. It has some of the most authentic Greek food I’ve tasted in Melbourne thus far. It’s unique in its design as the ceiling is constructed to mimic real stalactites, creating the illusion you’re eating traditional Greek delicacies inside a cave. I find this a fabulous concept.

Stalactites Restaurant

Unfortunately, after arriving at Stalactites and getting settled we realised I didn’t have Ning our mutual friend’s number in my phone and April didn’t have her phone at all. Our mission, besides filling our starving stomachs (they were almost eating themselves we were that hungry!) was to keep an eye out for our wonderful friend. The funny thing was, during our intense people watching we ran into some other friends in the restaurant who, due to our tiredness when entering the restaurant, we hadn’t noticed earlier. We said a quick hello to the group and let them know, as they were sitting closer to the door, if you see a pretty, petite, fashionable, stylish lady with jet black mid length hair, could you please let us know – immediately! Low and behold, we returned to our table and hurrah, she walked in. Yay! Success! No search party needed in this case. (And more importantly, it was time to feast!)

We all sat down and decided to order a Greek antipasti plate to share. I had the famous lamb gyros accompanied by a beverage I haven’t had in years – Kahlua and coke. The meat was succulent, moist and oozed flavour. The antipasti plate had delectable sausage that tasted a lot like a chorizo, accompanied by a range of Middle Eastern dips. I definitely experienced a meat overload this night and was contemplating the next day if I should become a vegetarian. (Decision – no way!)

After dinner it was time to find somewhere for a night cap. We thanked the lovely staff, paid our bill and braved the weather outside to walk to the funky, unique Bomba Bar.

Bomba Bar
Bomba Bar

We sat in the open air balcony with a nice view of the city, warmed from the glow of large outdoor heaters. It was the perfect place to enjoy an appealing drink, take in the atmosphere and marvel at the picturesque views of the city.

Theatre sign
City views from Bomba

The bartender looked like a funky hipster, sporting a rather full beard, and we were sure he was full of worldly alcohol knowledge. We were not disappointed, as he managed to convince me to try Caffe Moka, a delight similar to Kahlua but with much more heart, a smooth intense aroma and the real coffee kick you’d expect from a genuine Italian liqueur. I’m always happy to discover something new and this was no exception. Next time I’m in Italy I’ll definitely be on the hunt for this charming liqueur.

Cafe Mokka
Cafe Mokka the Italian Kahlua 😉

After an hour or so of catching up, reminiscing, and sharing our funny life stories with the girls, the jet lag really began to sink in.

The girls at Bomba
The girls at Bomba

It was time to say goodbye to my wonderful friends and make my way back to the hotel. We bid the lovely staff farewell and set off into the night, making a b-line for bed.

The next morning I was thinking of a lazy lay in under the covers, but that was not to be. My super talented bestie Kable messaged me saying he was free to have breakfast in the city and our adorable friend Sarah would meet us shortly. It was time to jump quickly into the shower, hastily throw on some winter woollies and head out the door.

Elevator Selfie
Time for more Melbourne winter adventures

The free Melbourne tram high-tailed me to the city centre to meet my best friend. During the journey the tram stopped and a lady hurried to board. Unfortunately the tram doors decided to give her a quick hug, and embraced her tightly. After making sure she was okay I proceeded to tell her of a similar hug I’d received from two sets of doors on a train in Singapore. She laughed and gave me a lovely compliment, asking if I was a model, as my outfit suggested I knew how to put things together.

Happy nto happy
Tram ride in Melbourne city

She couldn’t seem to get her outfits right, she said. I wasn’t so sure of this, and said so, her gorgeously colourful and vibrant winter jacket proof of at least one stylish choice she’d made. She told me she’d bought it in New York years ago as she used to travel all over the world. She now lives in Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, but visits the amazing Melbourne often as she loves the culture, the fashion, the friendly people and easy public transport system. After our quick yet worldly conversation we had come to our last stop and we parted ways at Flinders Street Station.

I crossed the street, spotting my best friend Kable standing tall and looking ever so stylish in his black leather jacket. I’m pretty sure he was being ogled before I arrived by the passers-by. It was time for us to walk to the café “Issus” tucked in behind one of Melbourne’s alluring bustling laneways. The café has a strong Middle Eastern influence in its menu. I found the name of the restaurant and the fact it sold Middle Eastern cuisine to be quite awkwardly funny, and so I asked my friend If he knew what “Issus” stood for, and commented on the fact it might not be the best name in the current political climate, albeit a different spelling to the one used by a certain middle eastern terrorist group. Naturally my intelligent, positive and wise friend explained it was actually the name of the ancient Goddess of Egypt. I had forgotten all about this, and I’ll blame that on the jet lag!

The décor in the laneway cafe was quirky and unique, matching the menu and the intriguing staff. After half an hour of perusing the menu and catching up, we were joined by our knockout friend Sarah. It turned out we may have accidentally given her the wrong directions and as a result she got a little lost, which we apologised for. (Sometimes Kable and I are not the greatest with directions, and no doubt it won’t be the last confusion, however we seldom admit it!) We were glad she finally found us and we could enjoy each other’s company. It was time for delicious lattes, Middle Eastern inspired breakfast, fresh zesty juices and crazy stories and banter with my two beauties.

Issus Cafe decor
Issus Cafe, Melbourne

Issus Menu

Time with my best friends always passes ever so quickly, and before I knew it what I thought was an hour breakfast catch up had quickly turned into lunch time. We requested the bill and my bestie generously took care of it.  We said farewell to café Issus and the bustling laneways and headed for our popular chai spot, The Melbourne City Library. The only problem was quite a few people had the same idea as us, and the place was bursting at the seams. Luckily we are a creative bunch, so we decided to commandeer some pillows and camp out on the stairs until a spot became available. Five minutes later we were being ushered over to a free table where apparently, the other patrons enjoyed staring at newcomers. We put it down to, when you get three taller than average current and former models together; people are probably going to stare.

We enjoyed deliciously creamy soy chai lattes full of cinnamon and aromatic spices, finished off with light honey, in the cosy surroundings of the library. I was so relaxed and at ease, deep in the conversation and catch ups and savouring the delectable chai, I almost forgot I still had to catch a train to visit another friend of mine. I raced to the counter to pay our bill only for the waiter to ask, where were you sitting? I pointed to my two besties, one of which had decided that now was the time to stretch before his fitness class scheduled for shortly after our meeting.

Kable stretching
Time for a stretch at the Melbourne City Library

The waiter said he hadn’t seen me there, and that he would have remembered seeing me. The other waiter chimed in and said yes, she was wearing the polar bear jacket! and smiled at me. (For the record, my jacket is faux fur no polar bears were harmed in its making.) The waiters continued with their banter and compliments, and then it was time to go.

We stepped outside into the winter weather and decided it was the perfect time for a selfie or two.

Melbourne Selfie
Melbourne selfies with these beauties
Sarahs Fave
Time to say goodbye

After snapping a few shots, we said our goodbyes and parted ways. It really was time to hurry along now, as I was running rather late. All I could think of in my head was the little white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, hopping along the place exclaiming “I am late! I am late! I am late for a very important date!”

The train ride to the suburbs seemed to take forever, and I was all of a sudden overcome with tiredness. You can’t run from jet lag forever, and it was indeed catching up with me. But being greeted by my positive, stunningly ravishing friend Nicola at the station was just the thing I needed to bring a smile to my face again and distract me from my jet lagged feeling. We decided it would be a good idea to take a leisurely stroll, as the sun had begun to shine its beautiful rays of light down to earth, and we had a lot of catching up to do, and what better way to do it than in the winter sunshine Melbourne had managed to muster for us.

My friend wasn’t her usual happy, positive self, completely out of character for her, so I thought the perfect place to take her and fill her with positivity and healing energy was the ever vibrant crystal shop. We’d never been to this particular shop together before, but having similar interests in the spiritual world and the great divine I knew she’d benefit from the positive energy and enjoy perusing the treasures within. Our lovely walk finished and we arrived just in time, as big wet raindrops started to splatter the warm pavement as we entered the shop. We were greeted by the happily smiling, hippy, earthy styled staff with offers of free coffee or chai lattes. We explored, in awe of the varied merchandise and eclectic décor.

I decided to test out a few life questions I had in my mind. In order to do this I had to choose a tarot card deck I was drawn to. When I looked down and saw the deck I’d chosen I had to laugh, as they were the Goddess Isis Oracle tarot cards. It seemed she was following me that day on my journey, protecting me perhaps. I’ve always been fascinated by the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt, and of course the famous pyramids of Giza. They have a cloud of mystery and intrigue surrounding them which I love.

Isis Oracle Card                              Tarot Card

Nicola decided to do the same and choose some tarot cards. She selected a different pack and began to read them. They were scarily accurate and spoke to her current situation. I myself had a wolf symbol following me around in the crystal shop, appearing here and there, catching my eye as if a sign. I reminded myself to look up the meaning of this later, as Totem animal symbols have been very prominent throughout my life.

My friend was enjoying exploring the glowing, glistening, sparkling crystal cave of a shop. She decided she wanted to make some purchases, so, she quickly ducked outside to find an ATM and left me to my own devices. This was the perfect chance for me to quickly purchase some delightful inspiring everyday affirmation cards, her surprise present on the walk home and one I hoped would bring smiles and giggles every day for the rest of her life. I remember like it was yesterday the gift of my first pack of affirmation cards. I still to this very day try to choose one each morning and they continue to fill me with positive vibes and make me smile.

On the walk back to the station Nicola commented on how she likes my life analogies and advice. Naturally I was very flattered by such a beautiful compliment. I told her that her current situation appears to be like a turtle flipped on its back; all it needs is to find the energy within itself to flip back over the right way and continue on its life journey. Of course the famous ‘everything happens for a reason’ quote helped too. She laughed and flashed her infectious smile at me. I swear her smile could make the grumpiest person on earth happy. It truly had been so very wonderful seeing her again. She always manages to make me laugh and smile, and I am forever grateful for her positivity and friendship.

As quick as we said hello we were saying our goodbyes, as it was time for me to head back into the city centre, with just a tiny bit of time to pop by my irresistible bestie at work and bid her a final farewell. A quick tram ride back to my hotel, a rejuvenating power nap, then off on a jet plane and the long journey back home again.

I am forever grateful for my charming  and gorgeous friends all around the world who take time out of there busy lives and schedules to come and see me when I’m in town.

I Love you all and Happy Weekend. May your week be filled with happiness, love, light, rainbows, smiles, sunshine and a sprinkle of fairy dust 😍


The Intriguing Singapore or what I like to call Sillypore :)

The World is your oyster. You just have to search for your pearl 😉

Today I’m taking you on a journey to the beautiful Singapore, or ‘Sillypore’ as I’ve come to call it, as it’s definitely not my first visit to this wonderful city.

I arrived in the later part of the afternoon a tad tired and ready for a nap. After a restful and much needed sleep I received some very good news – news I’d been waiting for nearly 2 years to hear – and it was time to celebrate!

Adventure time in Singapore starts now 🙂

I headed straight downstairs to the bar, dressed in a short black jump suit with lovely gold detailing, perfect for Singapore’s humid climate. A time like this called for my favourite drink, a Mojito, made just the way I like it. It was the perfect beverage to sip and savour this beautiful city and weather while I waited for my friends to arrive.

We were an eclectic group of people that night; many different nationalities from all over the world coming together for good times and storytelling. You can just imagine the crazy and fun conversations we had in the hotel lobby.  After a quick round of drinks we headed off in search of one of the more famous hawker markets at the recommendation of one of my good friends. He has a way of finding the most unusual places, more often than not bursting with the most amazing succulently delicious local delicacies.  As he hails from New Zealand he also has a fabulous sense of humour, so there’s never a dull moment when he’s around.

After a short walk we arrived at the market. Realising this would be a cash only place we headed off in search of an ATM. Then the debate started of how much money to take out in Singapore. Needless to say it depends if you want to go on a night out at the famous clubs or spend it all on shopping or relaxing.  This definitely took some time and increased our appetite.  Once we returned to the market we could smell the delicious aromas of fresh seafood cooking wok fried and just begging to be eaten.  In most places around the world I don’t think this would pass health and safety regulations but the people were genuine and friendly even with their cheeky crooked smiles. I was ready to try this bustling busy food market.

It appeared we managed to sit at the only table without a working fan, all the other tables with fans having been snapped up by hungry diners eager for a cool place to devour their chilli crab, so we quickly changed to an outside seat where the breeze was good and the people watching even better. I was debating whether to order the duck as I know it’s also very delicious in Singapore, but I decided against it and opted for the famous Singaporean chilli crab. I was in Singapore after all.

Everyone’s food had already arrived early and we all started tasting each other’s dishes. The most popular dish at the table was the seafood with noodles, almost like a Kway Teow. The seafood was soft and moist and the noodles crunchy and golden. It was a touch too spicy for my palette but a favourite amongst the others.  I was waiting for what seemed like eternity for this delicious crab. Then low and behold a very happy Singaporean man with his mysterious crooked smile approached our table carrying forth a steaming bowl of deliciousness. As you will see the crab came out in a mixture of succulent juicy pieces, light in texture and rich in taste covered in a sweet chilli sauce to tantalise your taste buds. It literally melted in my mouth – so unbelievably delicious. I definitely recommend people to try it in the future. I think with all my cracking and crunching it wasn’t the best idea at a large table but the taste and flavour was so sensational in my mouth I really didn’t care.

Sweet chili crab

After devouring the amazing chilli crab and trying to avoid arguments with a rather cocky male (you know the “I-know-it-all” type of person… you’re always wrong no matter what you say!) this overwhelming tiredness overcame me. My very full stomach was a clear indication that it was time to walk back to the hotel and call it a night. Although I was tired, I can never pass up the opportunity for a great photo, and so my friends and I stopped to freeze a moment in time from my first night being back in the beautiful Singapore in front of some creative, extremely colourful and vivid local street art.



After such an a pleasant walk back, the crisp breeze in my hair and my mind on all the activities I wanted to do the next day, it was definitely time for bed. The only crazy partying for me this time would in my dreams! I said goodbye to my beautiful friends before heading into the hotel.

Head on my pillow, thoughts of all the exciting options for the days to follow filled my mind. One adventure I really would love to experience is having breakfast with the Orang-utans.  That would mean I would have to get up super early in the morning however, so it was definitely out of the question on this adventure.

When I woke up I was so excited. The sun was shining, the city was buzzing and there were people everywhere. My plan was to not only make my way to China Town by navigating the train system but also to get the extremely popular and super tasty soy green tea latte. Singapore is one of the lovely Asian cities that have this option: usually you can only find them at Starbucks. Deliciousness awaited me!

After a quick breakfast stop and Skype session with my beautiful and entertaining Mother in Starbucks I headed off on my china town adventure. The sun was beaming down; it was such a beautiful day. I boarded the lively train, trying to remember which station I should get off the train at. The only problem was, in my pure excitement at waiting so long to come back to this beautiful place I alighted at a different stop from the station I was use to and everything looked unfamiliar. After some serious wanderlusting and mainly getting lost in the delightful smells of the large hawker food place near china town, I asked for directions to a few people and finally found the real china town with the bustling markets, amazing street food and lively talented vendors.

I had finally arrived.

Welcome to Chinatown in Singapore

I was on the hunt for – bargains! – and of course many a bargain I did find. However the smart thing to do and something I would suggest any other avid market bargain hunters to do would be  buy items you find and love straight away. Don’t make the same mistake I did in search of the best price. Although I did have a lot of fun I managed to get lost quite a few times in the beautiful markets. I was running in and out of the market stalls, all looking very similar to each other, looking for my special item; I swear some people thought I was crazy. It didn’t matter though, for in the end my bargain hunting paid off. I found everything I wanted. And now I can add a little more bling to some of my friend’s lives.

image_1 (3)
Fox bling top
image_2 (3)
beautiful bling and sparkly fox key rings
Ninja turtle bag tags for my newphews

The hot sun started beaming down on me and it was getting rather warm.

interesting tiger backpacks
local men playing games in the hot sun
Chinatown Singapore
Chinatown Singapore
History of Chinatown
History of Chinatown

I was definitely getting a tan from today’s market adventures, so I decided to retreat under the shade and take a look at what the small crowd forming around a particular market stall was looking at. I wanted to see what they were so intently watching. When I got to the stall there was a very happy local man playing a beautiful song on an instrument I have never seen before and can only guess originates in Singapore, to an extremely entertained and enthralled crowd of people.  The musician was happily smiling and playing his instrument to a small child in a pram who was intently watching him and kept smiling at the man every time he played his exquisite sounding instrument.

The sound was so sweet and unique it was easy to lose time listening to the man play. (I had a video but I can’t seem to insert it. Will work on it sorry).

After the song finished I bid him and his wife farewell with a return smile as a thank you for sharing his wonderful music. I looked down at my phone and realised that there was no time to have that relaxing foot reflexology session I was lusting after… that would have to be for my next adventure. I decided I best make my way back to the hotel as I was running out of time and I knew the trains would be very busy soon with the local peak hour. I decided it was time to bid china town farewell and started my journey back to the hotel. I was so hungry and had seen a delicious dumpling restaurant on my way in the morning so I made a quick stop for a few delicious seafood dumplings, tasty garlic pork spare ribs and another one of my favourites – the pearl milk tea.

The whole experience was simply wonderful.

image_4 (2)
Deliciously tasty seafood dumplings
image_3 (2)
Marinated garlic pork ribs. It doesn’t look that appealing but the flavours were sensational in your mouth
image_5 (2)
Who doesn’t love dragon logos 😉

There are still so many more things to do in Singapore thanks to my friends wonderful tips. Some that stick in my mind are the Zoo night safari (I think this would be an amazing experience) and I also need to try sambal kangkong, another of the local delicacies in Singapore, a very spicy and popular green vegetable dish. Apparently exploring the free botanical gardens is stunningly beautiful. I definitely want to swim and take that famous selfie in Singapore’s world famous Infinity Pool.

I am lucky to have already visited the stunningly breathtaking Merlion statue. It has the head of a lion and the body of a fish and is a must see. You can find miniature statues and toys of the merlion all over the city. I’ve already been to the extremely fun Universal Studios – also a must-do experience.  Years ago myself and some of my beautiful friends cycled around one of the many breathtakingly beautiful islands close to Universal Studios where you can even get a tasty fresh coconut drink on your journey around the island. I’ve partied at the famous Clarke Quay where cocktails are brought to you seated in a wheelchair, and fed to you through a syringe and a drip. Now that was an experience! The most famous of all Hawker markets in Singapore is Newton Circus. I was lucky enough to try the one of the most unique foods I have ever tried around the world on my travels there – sting ray.

Singapore has so much to offer, not only in culinary delights but also in sightseeing, museums, beautiful gardens, architecture, night life, its array of residents from all over the world, the mysterious local people and intriguing art. I can’t wait to return to this unique city. So until next time Singapore, Selemat tinggal 🙂 xoxo

photo (2)

My Wonderful World

So for those of you who may or may not know me. I have been lucky enough to be flying all over the world for nearly five years. I have finally decided to write my blog 😉 It will mainly be on travel, fashion, accessories, art, culture, photography, adventure, wanderlust, food, inspiration and anything that makes my world sparkle.

I know what you are thinking oh great another air head writing a blog lol. I can re assure you I am rather intelligent despite my most likely jet lag lapses I will no doubt have on here. Five years of flying will do that to you 😉 but hey I may even entertain you or make you laugh. So here is a quick background on myself. I have a degree in PR, a background in events, presenting, modelling, extras work and I adore dabbling in the arts and TV. I love being creative and making people feel inspired and happy. My friends call me their sunshine. Nearly five years ago in Melbourne I was lucky enough to be selected to come and do one of my dream jobs. I couldn’t believe it I was going to get paid to see the world. I was so excited and believe it or not my first ever international flight was moving to the Middle East.

I am a strong believer in everything happens for a reason, positive thinking and paying it forward. You will most likely hear me blog about different psychics, mystics, angels and spirit guide encounters all over the world. I usually experience the famous angel signs from above on my travels such as beautiful butterflies fluttering by and white feathers falling from nowhere.  As you can see I love and adore anything spiritual and I am a huge fan of crystals… not just because they are pretty 😉 but also due to the energy they bring.

If I am not flying 40,000 feet above the clouds then I will be exploring what delicious food is available in the country I am visiting or checking out the best sites to see, the most unusual resorts to visit on my days off. One of my favourites is Sir Bani Yas Island a desert island that is full of wild exotic animals or just chilling out having a romantic dinner on the beach at Fujairah across the emirate.  Or you will find me just wanderlusting in general. I am a strong believer in bargain fashion finds it is not about how much it costs but how you wear it aka pull it off.

I literally think some of the times I fly. I fly for the food 😉 whether it is flying to South Africa to have the most amazing Springbok or trying Ostrich for the first time, jetting off to Munich to have that amazingly crunchy and deliciously juicy pork knuckle, taking the long flight to Brazil just to taste the amazing selection of meat at the Churrasco restaurant, popping over to Singapore just to have that Chilli crab one more time 😉 or heading off to Paris for the best crepes and cheese in the world. I could go on and on. I also have random fun stories about flying with my beautiful friends and that trip where we nearly got arrested. But that’s for another time.

So the best way would be to ask me if you have any travel, fashion, wanderlust, food, or any kind of questions really. As I have been lucky enough to have travelled this beautiful world of ours a lot. I would be happy to help out any way that I can. If you mention a country I most likely would have personal tips for you should you desire them of course.

 I am a huge animal fan I mean who isn’t really? I have hugged pandas, baby cheetahs, elephants, tigers, wombats, koalas and camels to name a few. I have swum with dolphins in Brisbane and Dubai, which I stopped doing after watching the movie The Cove. That was definitely a game changer for me. But I do love seeing the dolphins swim freely in the ocean and have encountered them many a times on the South Coast of NSW in Australia it was such a beautiful experience. I have had a seal literally steal my fish. I even have a video of that 😉

I have swam with a green sea turtle the size of your dining room table in the beautiful islands of Malaysia. I have snorkeled with a Black tip reef shark over five feet long that turned out to be a bit of a stalker. I tried my best to keep up with a massive sale fish in the Perhentian Islands let’s just say the sale fish won. I forgot to mention that I love diving, snorkeling, fishing and anything to do with the ocean.

However I am terrified of Sharks thanks to my Dad and the Jaws movie. My dream is to one day swim with the great white sharks in a cage in South Africa to scare the fear out of me. I know amazing plan 😉

Random fact on my recent honeymoon to Cambodia we were on Koh Rung Island and across from us they were filming the new season of Survivor. I actually auditioned years ago with one of my best friends to be on the Australian version of The Amazing Race. However it probably didn’t help that he had to rush off to a job interview and I was hungover lol. Needless to say the show was cancelled anyway so that is another chance we missed at fame. Wouldn’t you agree Boris 😉

I am lucky to have a truly caring, loving and inspirational husband, family and super talented and hilarious friends all over the world. Sometimes I get to visit them and that to me is insanely amazing.  If you like what you read or see then I may even start filming videos. That way you will get to see me, the places I visit along the way as well as getting to meet some of my talented, crazy and extremely inspirational friends from all over the world. Please feel free to follow my journey